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pothole_roads.jpgValley County roads are a mess. Everyone recognizes it, but nobody is quite sure what to do about it. Valley County has a massive network of roads. This causes complicated and expensive challenges. Ultimately, you can't address this issue without addressing the previous issues: Housing and Fiscal Responsibility.

Jeff McFadden, the Roads Department head, does a great job reporting on and managing the limited personnel, resources and issues facing his department.  

I believe that if I am placed in County Government that I can help think outside the box, stir up vision and find the money necessary to establish a network of healthy roads and bridges that don't have to fall apart every spring thaw. 

This would be an easy place to throw some rocks at current budget decisions being made, but I acknowledge I am not in all the conversations and certainly don't claim to have the full picture. 

The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, and if we can get laser focused on our vision for roads, understand how they paint a picture of our identity and how we value families, I believe we can start taking bites on the proactive side of things.

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January 22, 2024 • 12:50PM