Josh's Clifton Top 5 Strengths

Strategic, Futuristic, Competition, Activator, Communication 
Born and Raised in Idaho...

Josh was born at St. Lukes in Boise and grew up on the Boise bench in a family of 7.

As a child, Josh would ride his bike and explore the green belt, parks, and play in his neighborhood every day until it got dark. Coming home early meant being put to work! 

As the only boy, Josh learned a strong work-ethic from his dad who owned a printing company and ran a landscaping business on the weekends to make ends meet. 

Growing up in an active Idaho family, Josh quickly learned a love for Valley County. Spring meant trips to Cascade Lake to fish as the ice came off. Summer was white-water rafting and swimming at Payette Lake and Warm Lake, Fall was hunting (Idahoans don't say where) and Winter was Christmas Tree hunting and sledding.


Serving Communities Since 2006

Most of Josh's adult life has been dedicated to service to others.

In 2006 he became a Corrections Officer at the Idaho Department of Corrections with the intent that the experience working at the prison would prepare him for law-enforcement.

In 2007, at the age of 21, Josh applied for and became a Trooper with the Idaho State Police. As a Trooper, Josh became intimately familiar with the US and Idaho Constitutions, Case Law, State Statutes, the Legislative Process and Local Laws and Ordinances. Josh excelled in his career as a Trooper. Josh quickly found a niche in DUI enforcement. In 2009, Josh joined a newly created DUI team. Josh and other Troopers focused on DUI enforcement working hard alongside a misdemeanor team at the prosecutor's office led by current Valley County Prosecutor Brian Naugle to see a visible decrease in DUI fatalities in Ada County. Josh was named Trooper of the Year in 2010 for his efforts.  


Based on the sum of his experiences working in law-enforcement, pastoring, and working in the local school, Josh has recognized that lasting impact often happens first in shaping the next-generation.

Josh believes that you can't impact the next-generation without impacting families. Healthy family units are the primary indicator and driving factor of a healthy community.

After experimenting in the church and in the community with different projects to try to impact families, Josh recognized that an important element missing in Cascade was a place where teens were free to be themselves and have fun in a safe environment. Josh believed this was key to developing relationships within which Cascade could better engage the next generation. In October of 2022, Josh formed a committee with Horizons Lifestyle and Education Team and launched the Cascade Game Changer, a non-profit Teen Center dedicated to help develop a culture of teen mentorship in Cascade. Since it's inception it has already served teens for over 6,500 hours.

In addition to the Game Changer, Josh has continued to find different ways to help at the school and is currently the Dean of Students, the Boys Basketball coach (They just took 3rd place at the State Tournament), the Community School Coordinator (recognized by Blue Cross Foundation, here), and the Chair of the Superintendent's Safety and Security Committee.


A pulse on Valley County issues

Josh has lived in Valley County with his wife for 9 years. His oldest daughter was 1 year old when they moved into Valley County to pastor a church in Smiths Ferry. His other 2 daughters have been born while in Valley County.

Josh believes, for the sake of his daughters and future generations, that he has a God-given duty to be involved in the direction of our local, state and federal government. Some label this as, 'Politics,' which seems to have quite a negative connotation. Politics don't drive Josh. People do. And Josh believes the people in Valley County have a God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.