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Electing the right type of local representation is vital to the success of our Constitutional Republic.

You can help shape the future of Valley County by supporting this campaign, volunteering to help tell people in Valley County about Josh Hurley, and by providing feedback on the direction you think the county should move! 


As a leader of Valley County I will work with Commissioners Thompson and Maupin to set the direction for the identity of the County. The county should develop a marketing strategy to make it's identity known clearly to County employees, the local workforce, retirees, and people who come here to relax and play. I believe having a common language around identity, resources and purpose will unify Valley County in managing the challenges facing us.


It is no secret that living in a tourist destination creates a challenge around affordable housing for families. Adding to this challenge is the advent of short-term rentals, a growing population in the Treasure Valley of cash-rich individuals from other states looking for a place to invest in real-estate and get-away cabins, and state legislation that sets direction for local control boards.

I believe the County has to be very careful not to add to the, "Demand," side of the market by buying up houses and hiring builders.

Some of the current legal doctrines and solutions that have helped in other areas that I am researching are ...

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe that vision must direct dollars and not the other way around. The County has done some good work on strategic planning. And, there is more to do to connect that strategy to spending.

When governments become so tied up in their current existence that they can't move forward, they flounder. In government, the only correcting force to not setting vision is disaster. 

Those who recall Valley County in 2007-2010 remember what disaster looks like for budgets and community progress.Valley County shouldn't wait for disaster to begin setting a vision-based budget. Department heads all have ...


Valley County roads are a mess. Everyone recognizes it, but nobody is quite sure what to do about it. Valley County has a massive network of roads. This causes complicated and expensive challenges. Ultimately, you can't address this issue without addressing the previous issues: Housing and Fiscal Responsibility.

Jeff McFadden, the Roads Department head, does a great job reporting and managing the limited resources, personnel and issues facing his department. 

I believe that if I am placed in County government I can help think outside the box, stir up vision and find the money necessary to...