If you were a disciple, how would you respond to Jesus spreading leprosy? Forcing you to go on scary boat rides? Telling you to not worry about food or clothing? Telling you not to wash your hands before you eat? Was Jesus a self-centered jerk?

Love was at the heart of what would be perceived by most today as a scornful message. "Why are you afraid? O you of little faith?"

When spoken by the Lord himself, we perceive it is appropriate that he should issue such a rebuke in the middle of a raging sea.

After all, earlier that day he had touched a leper. He had told a powerful Roman Centurion that he could go on home and his servant at home was healed. He touched a dying woman who had a fever and healed her. He was apparently Spirit-filled. 

"Why are you afraid? O you of little faith?" seems appropriate when just prior he had told them that they couldn't add a moment to their life by worrying about it. 


"Surely there is wisdom found in worrying about your boat filling with water" would be your response.
"You aren't in the boat alone, you have other disciples whose lives you are gambling with."
"Surely there is wisdom in speakng out about this perception." 
"Surely there is wisdom in pleading with the one you perceive can do something about it."

Your response is wrong. "Why are you afraid? O you of little faith?" is exactly what the Lord says in response to your wisdom.


But, these crowds! Why can't he work without the crowds? We know how much the Romans hate the crowds. He is not only risking himself, he is risking the lives of all who gather with Him!

If you had any inkling of what the Lord would have done, you would have stopped him from touching the leper. After all, he uses those same hands to pass the bread around to you and to pick up children!

If you had any inkling of what the Lord was about to do, you would have stopped him from publicly humiliating a Centurion by promising that his servant, miles away, was healed. After all, he had a hundred at his command, and you were ONE OF THEM. He could tell by your accent. He was brutal. He would find you when he discovered his public humiliation.

If only you knew he was going to take you into a home where he KNEW someone had a communicable disease they were dying from. You would have tried to reason. You would have at least wrapped a cloth around your face.

If you had any idea of what the Lord was about to say, you would have stopped him from trying to convince people that they didn't need to worry about what they would eat or drink or what they would wear. He was making you look like a nut case!

For Jesus to say and do it is one thing. But, for him to drag you into this mess with him is not loving. It is not fair. He might be able to slip away untouched. But, what about you?

And then, he has the audacity to say, "If you aren't willing to lose your life for me. . . you will never find it, anyway."

And, he has the nerve to tell me, now, that I have a faith problem? He is the one being reckless. God is a God of reason. Very little that he is dragging us into is reasonable.

Don't even get me started on the way he destroyed those pig herders lives with his next little stunt. No. Respect. For. Anyone. But. Himself. It is all about Him.

What a rotten world. What a rotten Master. I'd rather be fishing.

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