Social Media is a place that many Christians spend hours of their life every week. Last week a whistleblower, Frances Haugen, shared the `secret` that Facebook prioritizes money over your emotional health. What should the Christian do with this information? Does God`s Word speak to social media use?

The Quick Notes:

  • You shouldn't be shocked Social Media companies are prioritizing money. They are a business
  • You should get off of those Social Media sites and be the church.
  • Speaking of the church, you must do more than attend a Sunday service to be the Church.
  • Being the church is extremely difficult in the American lifestile we have created.
  • Do life together. And all the more as you see the day approaching (Hebrews 10).‚Äč

Study: Young adults who use Social Media more are more anxious and lonely:

Study: Almost half of Americans report being 'lonely'

Study: "There is now substantial evidence documenting that being socially connected significantly reduces risk for premature mortality, and lacking social connection significantly increases risk, even more than the risks associated with many factors that currently receive substantial public health attention and resources (e.g., obesity, physical inactivity, air pollution)"
[Loneliness carries same mortality rates as those smoking 15 cigarettes a day!]


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