As the Derek Chauvin trial grinds on, it is becoming more and more apparent that the prosecution only cares about pleasing the mob and not about justice. We sit idly by because we aren't the ones on trial...yet. What will you do when the mob comes for you?

This blog post is a follow-up post to a previous one I wrote on the subject almost a year ago when the incident first happened. You may want to read it first for full context of my opinion.

Today, a man who actually had a hand in George Floyd's death appeared in court via video call. Morries Lester Hall was George Floyd's drug dealer. Was he in court to give an account for his crimes? Of course not. He was in court to object to being called to testify. His defense attorney pointed out that he is still the subject of the investigation and may himself be charged with the murder of George Floyd.

George Floyd's girlfriend testified that Mr. Hall was the one who gave George Floyd drugs. It is apparent from the video he is also the one who gave George Floyd the counterfeit bill to try to pass at the Cup Foods as well. And, his defense attorney doesn't want him talking about any of it. And, rightfully so. 

There is plenty of evidence to convict Mr. Hall of 2nd or 3rd degree murder of George Floyd, who died foaming at the mouth, complaining his stomach was in excrutiating pain, that he couldn't breathe and crying out for "Momma" who has been revealed to be his girlfriend with whom he did drugs and had previously overdosed on opoids. 

And, who does the racist mob blame for all of this? Does the mob blame the man who died with enough Fentanyl in his system to kill himself? Does the mob blame COVID, as it does in every other death where it is present right now? Does the mob blame the 75% blockage in George Floyd's heart? Does the mob blame George Floyd for fighting with cops for 6 minutes?  Does the mob blame the guy who supplied him with the lethal dose of fentanyl and meth? No. The racist mob blames the white guy, of course. Because the headlines screamed, "White cop kills black man." and that is the story they are sticking with. Nevermind these riots were formed as a tactic to be used in the election to unseat President Trump. 

Nevermind that the only autopsy done on George Floyd revealed that he did not die from any form of positional asphyxia. Nevermind that the autopsy says there was zero signs of pressure on George Floyd's neck. Nevermind that video evidence shows paramedics able to check his carotid artery while Derek Chauvin kept his shin in position where the shoulder meets the back of the neck.  Nevermind that to knock someone out with a choke you must apply pressure to both sides of the neck simultaneously to cause enough disruption to the flow of blood to their brain to incapacitate them. Nevermind that the body-cam video shows George Floyd with his right shoulder off the ground in a half-recovery position that allowed him to breathe. Never mind that George Floyd was yelling that he couldn't breathe almost 3 minutes before the now infamous video recording even started. 

Never mind all that. The mob has spoken. And so, today, in keeping with pleasing that mob, prosecutors agreed that Mr. Hall MUST NOT testify. They must not let the truth emerge that George Floyd had just been given enough drugs to kill him by his drug dealer. They must not let the truth emerge that George Floyd didn't drive away because he kept fading in the car. They must not let the truth emerge that George Floyd swallowed a lethal dose of drugs. They must not allow the jury to realize there is more to this story. The mob won't allow it. So neither can they.

If the prosecution truly believes that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, why wouldn't they give immunity to Mr. Hall and let him testify to these points? After all, drugs, medical issues, fighting, and excited delirium all had nothing to do with it. It was the super-human ability of white, privileged Officer Derek Chauvin to choke a man out from one side without even breaking a capillary.

Sound like nonsense? It's the type of nonsense the mob will use to come after you with in this new normal. You are a racist. You are a homophobe. You are a bigot. You are a xenophobe. You are transphobic. You are selfish. You deserve to dissapear. And, if you try to object, they will burn your cities down.

Get prepared, America. Democracy has arrived. And it is coming for you.

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