In this episode we examine the current trends in government and employment to force people to get vaccinated. Does God speak to these things? If so, what should the Christ-follower be doing?

The Quick Take-Aways:

  • There is a factual demonstration of global effort towards Universal Health Care led by The WHO.
  • COVID is being used by governments around the globe to pursue this effort.
  • Our Constitution does not allow the Federal government to touch the people's healthcare.
  • President Biden's latest statements and Executive Orders are an attempt to 'workaround' our Government.
  • Christians have an obligation to stand for our Governing authorities (Constitutions) put in place by God.
  • Standing for our goverment will lead to justice, rejecting oppression and protecting minorities.
  • If your purpose for rejecting a vaccine is this deeply held religious belief, you are protected by Idaho law from being fired.
  • Stand up. Say no. Keep the government in check.
  • Unchecked governments are dangerous, unjust, and oppressive, all opposite the heart of God and his purposes for government.
  • Call your local representatives and tell them to follow the Committee on Federalism's reccomendation to amend the Idaho Health Freedom Act!

Please share with you friends! The althorithms have basically shut off this one because it has "vaccine" in it.

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