The American Church, as we know it, has been radically transformed. We haven't experienced the full weight of the transformation that has taken place yet. But, like one left unsheltered in the cold, as the numbness wears off, the pain will set in. One of my personal goals is to help gradually warm the church up to this new reality.


Citing recent health studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control, Health and Human Services, and the LGBTQ+ Protection Administration, President Harris today ordered closed any establishment that has in place "any corporate document which discriminates against or shames people for their gender identity or sexual orientation." Extremist white, Evangelical churches are expected to be impacted the greatest by this executive order. But, due to its equal applicability across all domains, there are several other related businesses which may be forced to adapt or be shut down.

"My administration is committed to assuring equal rights for all people. Under the guise of religion, we have this dark and dangerous past in American history where religion was previously used to discriminate against and shame people of color for the color of their skin. We can universally see now how morally unacceptable this was. With this executive order, I call out the same hypocricy in any organization which seeks to use religion to continue propogating this serious issue denying basic human rights and the epidimic of self-harm which has resulted from it." Harris said upon signing the executive order.

Local Pastor Frank Harris said he believes the law to be unconstitutional and plans to continue to hold services until he is physically forced to shut down. 

US Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memorandum explaining the constitutionality and important legal foundation for the executive order. It states, in part, "In case after case, the courts have held that the police power of the state is an important tool to protect the health of the people. With these latest studies, it is apparent that this continued epidimic of assisted self-genocide at the hands of these dangerous organizations must be stopped. We are not targeting any one religion or class of people. As our handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, sometimes the right actions are difficult and challenge our daily lives, but the goal reached at the end is worth the temporary pain. My office is committed to bringing the full weight of the US code against any organization which flaunts this order in their pursuit of a bigoted 'god'. Religous exercise has its limits, and this is one area we will definitely be limiting." 

We interviewed Pastor Joe Keisan who pastors "The People's Church" in Los Angeles, California this week regarding the order. He stated they have developed a committee to review their statements of faith and other corporate documents and were astounded to find some of this type of archaic language still present. "Obviously, we must continue to adapt to our culture to show love. Statements we previously held true just don't reveal the heart of God for all people, anymore. We are working hard to correct these issues and to show the tolerance we know Jesus would show if he were here, today." Pastor Keisan also mentioned that any organization who would like to have their documents reviewed can send them in and his committee will use their blueprints to recommend changes. "We have a mission of giving back to the church, universal, and look forward to helping other church communities adapt in this way." 



Following the executive order issued last month by President Harris, a local church in Eagle is struggling to still gather. We received a call from 'Pastor' Kevin Hartsworth at Eagle Grace Fellowship who said that their power had been cut off. "We came in to conduct our usual business on Monday morning and found that the power was out. On the door was a 'notice of non-compliance' from Idaho Power. The non-compliance notice says that due to federal funding requirements they were unable to continue to provide power to the church due to its discriminatory language found on its website. 

Its unclear what that language was as when we visiting the page this afternoon, the website had been replaced with a notice from Amazon Web Services stating the site had been removed due to a similar "notice of non-compliance."

Hartsworth said that their attorneys are fighting the executive order in court and have their first hearing scheduled for 2 weeks from today. "But, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Our power and our website are down, and I have emails from our internet provider and our bank that they have been trying to reach us regarding important regulation violations."

We reached out to a representative from Idaho Power. A spokesperson responded with a statement, "Idaho Power recognizes the basic rights of all individuals. We are happy to partner with the Federal government in making sure these basic rights are offered and protected before we render our services to anyone. We will not partner with organizations who insist on continuing this epidimic of self-harm." 


Are you ready?

These are just a few of the headlines you may read at some point in the future. As nomads take over the big beautiful building previously known as the American church, will you be ready? 

How would you respond? Is the government right? Will you be part of the crowd to change your by-laws and run out holy people to show your love? Would you be more interested in keeping a place available for teaching and worship than speaking about sin?

If you leave, where will you meet for encouragement? Who do you expect to teach you? How will you financially care for others? What will worship look like? 

These are the questions I want you to began confronting in your mind. This is what it looks like to prepare to go underground. Don't be caught unaware and asleep. Tough days are ahead for the American church.

The body of Christ? Don't worry. He is already working and preparing His people to rapidly reproduce and become a bride without spot or wrinkle, even under persecution. 

When the time comes, will you align with the American Church or the body of Christ?

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